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GRABBER Ultra Warmers - 24 Hour - Box of 30

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Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $26.99
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Item Number: GR-UWES-30
Manufacturer: Grabber Warmers
GRABBER Ultra Body Warmers are warm packs designed for "Maximum Duration"! Just open the package and within minutes you'll enjoy over 24 hours of warmth. It's dry, clean, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. When the Ultra Warmer has done its job, just throw it away. Great for pockets, in a GRABBER® Sleeping Bag Pouch, or as refills for any GRABBER® Cozy Muff. Get Warmer with HEAT TREAT Ultra Warmers by GRABBER WARMERS.

GRABBER Ultra Warmers are a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odorless heat source using all natural ingredients that are non-combustible. If you don't use all of the time on the can seal in a zip lock bag and use the next day!
Box of 30 Warmers.
Temperature: Avg. temp. 124˚F (51˚C), max. temp. 149˚F (65˚C) when used as directed. Each package contains 1 Warmer. Size: 4 inches x 5 inches. Duration: 24 plus hours

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HOW TO USE ULTRA WARMERS: Simply open the outer package and expose the packet to air. No shaking is necessary. For best results, use Ultra Warmers in an enclosed area with air such as a pocket or other Warmer accessory.

• Applied directly to your skin for an extended period of time.
• With infants or small children
• On bruising or swelling
• On frostbite or desensitized skin
• While sleeping

Children, the elderly, the handicapped and those unable to remove Mega Warmer by themselves should be supervised when using this product. Remove Mega Warmer immediately if it becomes uncomfortably hot. If used incorrectly, higher temperatures may occur, causing burns. For EXTERNAL use only. Do not puncture Mega Warmer or allow contents to contact eyes or mouth. Consult physician if swallowed.

INGREDIENTS: Iron, water, cellulose, vermiculite, activated carbon and salt.

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