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Lava Buns Microcore Insert Replacement

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Sale Price: $15.00
Available: unlimited
Item Number: LB-500-M
Manufacturer: Lava Buns
Replacement Microcore Insert for Lava Buns Warming/Cooling Cushion.  Measures 10" x 14".
Heating Instructions:
Place Microcore Insert in a clean microwave, being careful that it does not touch the sides of the microwave.  Do not place a frozen element directly into the microwave.  Allow to that to room temperature before heating.  All microwaves heat differently.  Adjust heat times if needed.  DO NOT overheat the element as it could result in injury.  If you are not sure which heat time to use, start with a shorter time and gradually go up to the recommended heat. 
Microwave 1000 Watt or less:  3 minutes, 45 seconds
Microwave More than 100 Watt:  2 minutes, 30 seconds
Cooling Instructions:
Place Microcore Insert in your freezer overnight. 

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